02 March 2010

90 day Twist Challenge

I've been inspired by one of favourite YouTubers/Bloggers AGrlCanMac to go on a personal twist challenge. She's challenged herself to rock twists till 1st April and she's been on it since January. So go'head girl. She's also one of my favourite mixtresses so check her out.

Since according to my hubby, I suffer from chronic hand-in-hair disease and we all know that over-manipulation leads to breakage, I've decided that something needs to be done to break the cycle. Now, I haven't any major breakage but I know that if I don't ease up messing with my hair, I'll begin to suffer breakage. So there you have it - this is the reason for the 90-Day Twist Challenge.

I'm challenging myself to rock twist styles consistently for 90 days to minimise the manipulation and stop breakage in it's tracks!! I'm going to follow AGrlCanMac's challenge rules (with a little personalised twist). Here are the rules:

1.I will wear my twists for and re-do them every 2-3 weeks

2.I will condition and wash my hair every 2-3 weeks

3.Challenge will officially end on 1st June.
The only twist on the rules is that I'm going to try to stretch my twists to 3 weeks at a time and she's a regular user of Henna, which I'm not. Henna is on my list of things to try this year, so you never know, it could creep it's way into my challenge.
I'm going to twist my hair with Fantastia IC Gel Hair Polisher Styling Gel. I was going to use a new hair mixture but my hubby's put my on strict hair budget - LOL!! I'll moisturise daily with my glycerin,water,olive oil mist. It's not really cold here so I can still use glycerin - but if the temperture suddenly drops, I'll switch it up with aloe vera juice.
I'm going to be following AGrlCanMac's progress on her challenge and I hope I can stick it as well. I'll post starting pictures once I've finished my twists. I'll update you guys on progress monthly.
Till next time.