26 June 2009

Bantu Knot-Out Review

Transition Style: Bantu Knot-Out

Apprx 'Fixin' Time: 15-30mins

Approx 'Settin' Time: Overnight-24 hours (depending on how much time I've got)

Tools: Wet-damp detangled hair, styling mousse and elastics (I'm using small fabric covered ones)

Pros: A million times quicker than either or the other styles I had tried before. The time it akes to fix literally depends on how long your hair is and how tight you want the curls when you take the knots out. The tighter the curls you want, the more knots you have to do. It's a really really easy technique as well and that's always a good thing.

Cons: If the knots aren't relatively small, it won't blend the new growth as well as the TnC when taken out. I think unless I sat under the dryer, which y'all know i don't have time for, it's not going to last all week - maybe 2-3 days max but then that depends on how tight you make the curls.

Rating: *****

Overall Comments: This is my signature transition style at the moment because it's so easy. The fact that you have to do it every 2-3 days suits me fine right now because of the new regimen I'm adopting for the summer. At night I sleep with a bonnet and fluff it in the morning with some moisturizing mist, put a band on the front and then i'm good to go - so quick! I love it!

(the picture is for illustrative purposes only and isn't me!)

09 June 2009


I've got a couple of reviews to come y'all, so please bear with me. I've got two product reviews and one style review to come.

Anyway, I've been wearing my hair in bantu knot outs for a couple of weeks now (style review coming soon) and it's just so easy except when I'm super super tired and lazy. I really like this style and I'm going to keep doing it for a while - till I get bored and what to try something else.

There are so many things I want to try you guys. I really want to try AGrlCanMac's moisturizing mist (see the blogs I'm following), which sounds absolutely fabulous. I don't know what the effect of glycerin will be on my hair but almost everyone recommends it so I really want to try this. I'm so going to try to be faithful to my 'one new product a month' rule otherwise I can so easily see me turning into a PJ.

Talking about AGrlCanMac, she's gotta be a huge inspiration right now because she's just celebrated her 1st anniversary of being a natural and that's so awesome! I read her post that day and I was like - I can't wait for that to be me. So a big SHOUT OUT to her - keep doing your thing girl!

I've just booked a vacation to the Costa Del Sol on the coast of Spain and for the first time, I'm not too worried about my hair because I won't have to take a whole bunch of paraphernalia with me, like straightening irons, clips, rollers etc and if I stick with the bantu knots, I should need a handful of products. What I am a little bit worried about is the heat only because it's a different kind of heat to that that's in England. It's just hot over here, with no breeze and hardly any humidity - my hair doesn't like it at all. This is why I really want to try AGrlCanMac's moisturizing mist becauseif I mix it into a small enough bottle, I should be able to carry it with me and remoisturize as necessary.

Ok, final thoughts. I'm going to a conference tomorrow and I was really stuck for what to do with my hair. Seeing as it's so short, the bantu knot outs which are fine for work, just aren't corporate, you know? Anyway, I posted the dillema on and a fellow curly suggested roller sets. Now that sounds like a great idea but you'll see from an earlier review that they take me a little while to do and they're not always fully dry in the morning. Tomorrow, I won't have time to mes around with hair that's not dry so I decided to exploit the veratility of natural hair and straighten it. In the middle of it right so will let you know how it turns out.

Till next time