25 May 2009

The Natural Organic Debate

This is an article I read in UK magazine 'Black Hair' April/May issue.

"Would you wash your hair with washing powder or washing up liquid? Well, if your shampoo contains sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, that's essentially what you're doing! Yes, sodium lauryl sulphate gets the hair and scalp clean, but at the same time it strips the hair of its natural 'good' oils and can often irritate the skin. This is why a shampoo must be followed by a conditioner, to help restore the moisture lost. So why is this chemical found in almost 90% of shampoos? Because it's a cheap foaming agent and we've been trained to believe that foam equals clean! Below are four more ingredients that do more harm than good to your hair..."

Diazonlindinyl/Imidazolidinyl Urea
Found in: Shampoos, conditioners, styling products and hairsprays
Used: As a preservative
Consequences: It can potentially release formaldehyde which can be toxic

Propylene/Polythylene Glycol (PPG/PEG)
Found in: Shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers
Used: As a humectant to give the product a firmer consistency. It also keeps the product from melting in high heat or freezing when it's cold
Consequences: These chemicals are known as eye irritants and possible carcinogens. Some are safe but some are not. The problem is, you never know which one was used!

Mineral Oil (often described as petroleum, or the fancier 'Paraffinium Liquidum')
Found in: Many haircare products, especially moisturizers
Used: As a moisturizer and a chap 'filler'
Consequences: It actually coats the hair shaft and clogs pores, thereby preventing toxins from being released. mineral oil can also prevent other ingredients from penetrating into the hair shaft, so you don't get the full benefit of the product

Parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl)
Found in: Moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, gels and other styling products
Used: As a preservative to prevent the growth of mould and mildew
Consequences: There is an ongoing debate as to the harmful effects of these parabens and whether or not they are carcinogens. The fact remains that they accumulate in the bloodstream.

"So why go natural? With natural products you have the peace of mind that every ingredient is doing its job to help your hair and not hurt you. With this in mind, make it a habit to always look at the ingredients before you buy a product. Just because it says 'natural' or 'organic' does not necessarily mean that the product is chemical-free."

So what do you think girlies? I'm completely sold on the natural thing and if I'm going to stop relaxing my hair because I don't the chemicals, then I definitely don't want the chemicals in my shampoos, conditioners o r whatever else! I'll be trying out some 'natural' products and let you know how my hair reacted. It may end up being that my hair likes the chemicals. :-)

Let me know what your thoughts are on this.

Till next time,

Product Review #1 - UK Only

This is a product review for my UK ladies!!. If you saw my post above, you'll see that I'm on the hunt for products without nasty chemicals and as part of that I'm going to be trying a bunch of them out, hopefully without becoming a PJ (product junkie). Here's my first review.

Product Type: Shampoo and conditioner
Product Name: Organic Care Natural Miracle Ultra Hydrating Dry Moist Shampoo and Conditioner
Where From: Superdrug
Price: 2.96 each (Buy One Get One Free)
Size: 400ml
What does it say: No sles, sls, als, ales. No parabens. No petrochemical cleansers (shampoo only). No mineral oil (conditioner only). Achieve salon results naturally. Organic Complex. Vitamin & Protein Boosted. Intensive Shine Illuminers. Ultra Hydrating. Smooth Glossy Finish
Scent/Smell: Woody and earthy. Not the perfumey smell I've been used to. Not bad though.
Rating: *
Comments: OMG! Where do I start? This pair almost made me cry. I was really excited when I saw them at the store because they were sulphate and paraben free and cheap. But I should have known that cheap isn't necessarily cheerful.
I used this pair to wash and conditioner my hair instead of my normal Hello Hydration co-wash and then I just continued with my normal hair regimen from there, so nothing else was different. I put my hair in Bantu Knots (my latest transitioning style - review coming soon) to wear all day Saturday and take them out on Sunday morning for church.
The knots were fine on Saturday, but on Sunday, my hair was dry and brittle and horrible. Honestly, I wanted to cry. Even my hubby noticed how dry it was. I was so grateful to God that nobody at church said anything. I couldn't wait to use my Hello Hydration co-wash this morning and hopefully get back to normal.
I'm not saying I wouldn't recommend it, I'm just saying my hair didn't like it at all!

22 May 2009

Rollerset Review

Transition Style: Rollerset

Apprx 'Fixin' Time: 45 mins - 1 hour

Approx 'Settin' Time: Overnight

Tools: Wet-damp detangled hair, setting lotion (setting lotion mixed with water and oil), magnetic rollers, end wraps

Much quicker than the TnC, which is a realy big deal to me. Really easy to 'fix; - you honestly don't have to be an expert at rollersetting to get a nice result. Doesn't hide length as much as TnC.

Doesn't blend the new growth as well as TnC - the demarcation line between the twos sections is quite clearly visible. Had to replace the rollers everynight to keep the style lock'd for the next day.Curls were a little looser than I'd have liked so would just fall at the slightest sniff of moisture. I couldn't refix it every night while I was at the conference so it started looking more straight than curly - not the look I was going for.

Rating: ****

Overall Comments:
I really really liked the results of this style and I'll definitely try it again. I'd need to use larger rollers next time so that my hair dries better and more evenly next time.

Twist n Curl Review

Transition Style: Twist n Curl

Approx 'Fixin' Time: 1 -2 hours

Approx 'Settin' Time: Overnight

Tools: Wet-damp detangled hair, Curling Wax, End Wraps, Perm Rods

This style blends the new growth with the relaxed ends like no other style I've seen. The results are always gorgeous spirals. The hair's always a little bit shiny (or has a sheen) because of the wax I think - so it looks really healthy (I got a lot of comments on this aspect).

Takes too long to 'fix'. 1 - 2 hours may not be long for some people but I'm a full-time working Wife and Mother, so my spare time is limited. Granted it may take this long because my hair's still short and I have to do more twists than if it were longer. Also it doesn't look as defined after a few days and can look a bit dry and dull (might have something to do with the wax though)

Rating: ****

Overall Comments:
I really love the way the TnC looks when it's done but I don't have the time and patience to do it every other day to keep it looking fresh. I'll always do it for a special ocassion though because the style is just too fly.

19 May 2009

Guess who's back?

I'm back!!! Sorry I've been gone but my Spirit needed refreshing - btw, the Bible Conference was great. I even saw one of my sisters who's also starting here natural hair journey - whoop, whoop Claire!

You what I learned this week away? A woman of God - a confident and TRUE woman of God - is truly the apple of His eye. God wants us to be beautiful both on the inside and the out. A woman who has the Spirit of God in her is not timid or shy (shouldn't be) because God is not timid or shy - at the end of the day, He created the earth to showcase himself. A woman after God's own heart is sassy and confident while keeping humble.

This was going to be my struggle going natural because I'm very extroverted and really confident but when I started thinking about how people perceive natural hair as bad, as unhealthy, as gross - my confidence started to shrink. But last week, I came to a realization that God has created me and I'm gorgeous regardless of whether my hair is relaxed or natural. The Bible says that we are "wonderfully and fearfully made". God hand-crafted my body, my personality and my nappy hair, so I'm going to use this natural hair journey to give Him glory by rocking some slamming transitional styles and staying humble.

Going natural isn't just about hair, it's about going back to your natural state of being - which is to be the natural state that God intended for you - to be in fellowship with him. Sorry to go on but I'm just so filled with Joy!!

But now, I got sooo much to update you on. Where to start? I've got update you on:

  • Twist n Curl
  • Rollersets
  • Products
  • Bantu Knot Outs

I'll post separate updates for all of these otherwise this will be extremely long!

Till next time,

10 May 2009

On Vacation

Ok girlies, so I've still got a lot to update you on but haven't had the time. Sorry *sob sob* :-(

I'll be on vacation for a week from tomorrow so won't be able to get any updates in, but I'll be getting my soul refreshed at the Potters House Bible Conference so I'm soooo excited. I'll be repping the natural curlies with my rollerset which I did last night. I was up till 1am doing it - aren't you proud of me. Talking about that, I asked someone at church today how it looked and they said "it's nice but I'll help you flat iron the front so the regrowth doesn't show so much" I didn't even know what to say. I'm still praying that she forgets her flat iron tonight.

I've now got about 2 1/2" of new growth - YAY!!!! It's grown about an inch in a month since the first time I did the twist n curl. And it's sooo soft! My mom felt the new growth yesterday and said she didn't think my hair had ever been that soft - even as a child! I'm so proud of myself for not slipping back into lazy bad habits.

Products I'm using right now:

  • Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner for cowashing
  • Aphogee Leave-In Conditioner
  • Kids Organics Shea Butter and EVOO Detangling and Moisturizing Hair Lotion - yes, my daughter's! I'm going to order some unrefined shea butter next payday and joing the ranks of the kitchen techicians
  • Ginseng Miracle Wonder 8 Oil and Wild Growth Hair Oil - mix these with the Shea Butter lotion for detangling
  • Perm Repair Setting Lotion+Water+Wonder 8 Oil+Wild Growth Hair Oil for my rollersets
  • Keracare Curling Wax for my Twist n Curl
That's it. I've got some Henna n Placenta with Olive Oil by Hask Placenta which I'm going to try for my next Deep Condition.

That's it for right now. See you in a week.
Till next time,


06 May 2009

Rollerset Success!

This is different for me as I’m actually blogging from work via email! Just wanted to give you a quick update on the rollerset I did last night.

I was a little bit disappointed this morning when I took the rollers out because my hair was still a little bit damp at the crown so I had to spend 10 minutes drying it with a hairdryer. And if I’m honest my rollersetting skills aren’t the best anyway so I wasn’t holding out much hope for the style, just had my fingers crossed. Well, what can I say? It came out quite well. Hopefully I’ll do better next time but it’s good enough for work and church.

I got quite a few compliments on my hair when I walked into work today so it’s a good sign, I think. I’ll post some pictures as soon as I can.

Till later


Sorry I'm MIA

So I disappeared for a little bit there. Went MIA for a little bit but I'm about and I definitely haven't 'backslidden' and gotten a relaxer. My hubby's been practically glued to the computer for a few days so I haven't been able to get my blog on.

Anyway, I've been rocked the twist n curl for about 2 weeks so I need to do a full review and tell you what I think in all honesty. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Twist n Curl!!

I'm sitting here and I've got rollers in my because I'm trying a rollerset, so I need to blog about that as well.

It's mad busy so I might not be able to do it for a couple of days because it's church tonight and then my daughter's birthday tomorrow, but I promise I'll do it.

I also tried a curly pudding recipe I got from AGurlCanMac on my daughter's hair, so I'll tell you about that as well. OMG so much to do, so little time!

I'm out, till next time.


01 May 2009

The pictures are finally here!!

I finally got the hang of the camera so I know how to download stuff to my PC now - yay! Here so pics from my Twist n Curl when I took out my crochet braids.

All the hair that broke off when I detangled the 1st time - I told you it was enough for a small mammal

Ok, so the breakage was major to say the least. I was so heart broken when i saw all that hair - MY HAIR! *sob sob* But the truth is that quite a lot of my length was damaged and would only have ended up falling out at some point anyway.

For picture number two, have a look at what my head looked like with the perm rods for the twist n curl all it in. This was actually just before I started to take them out. I'm dressed for church and ready to go, the only thing left was the hair. I know that it may look a little bit crazy but trust me and take a look at the next picture for how it came out.
I really liked the results and it really blends the new growth into the relaxed ends. I mean you can't really see the new growth as distinct from the relaxed ends in this picture. Once the week's truly over i.e. one more full day of work, I'll let you know how the styled fared during the week and if it was all totally worth it.
Till later, xxMwuahxx