22 May 2009

Rollerset Review

Transition Style: Rollerset

Apprx 'Fixin' Time: 45 mins - 1 hour

Approx 'Settin' Time: Overnight

Tools: Wet-damp detangled hair, setting lotion (setting lotion mixed with water and oil), magnetic rollers, end wraps

Much quicker than the TnC, which is a realy big deal to me. Really easy to 'fix; - you honestly don't have to be an expert at rollersetting to get a nice result. Doesn't hide length as much as TnC.

Doesn't blend the new growth as well as TnC - the demarcation line between the twos sections is quite clearly visible. Had to replace the rollers everynight to keep the style lock'd for the next day.Curls were a little looser than I'd have liked so would just fall at the slightest sniff of moisture. I couldn't refix it every night while I was at the conference so it started looking more straight than curly - not the look I was going for.

Rating: ****

Overall Comments:
I really really liked the results of this style and I'll definitely try it again. I'd need to use larger rollers next time so that my hair dries better and more evenly next time.