19 May 2009

Guess who's back?

I'm back!!! Sorry I've been gone but my Spirit needed refreshing - btw, the Bible Conference was great. I even saw one of my sisters who's also starting here natural hair journey - whoop, whoop Claire!

You what I learned this week away? A woman of God - a confident and TRUE woman of God - is truly the apple of His eye. God wants us to be beautiful both on the inside and the out. A woman who has the Spirit of God in her is not timid or shy (shouldn't be) because God is not timid or shy - at the end of the day, He created the earth to showcase himself. A woman after God's own heart is sassy and confident while keeping humble.

This was going to be my struggle going natural because I'm very extroverted and really confident but when I started thinking about how people perceive natural hair as bad, as unhealthy, as gross - my confidence started to shrink. But last week, I came to a realization that God has created me and I'm gorgeous regardless of whether my hair is relaxed or natural. The Bible says that we are "wonderfully and fearfully made". God hand-crafted my body, my personality and my nappy hair, so I'm going to use this natural hair journey to give Him glory by rocking some slamming transitional styles and staying humble.

Going natural isn't just about hair, it's about going back to your natural state of being - which is to be the natural state that God intended for you - to be in fellowship with him. Sorry to go on but I'm just so filled with Joy!!

But now, I got sooo much to update you on. Where to start? I've got update you on:

  • Twist n Curl
  • Rollersets
  • Products
  • Bantu Knot Outs

I'll post separate updates for all of these otherwise this will be extremely long!

Till next time,