25 May 2009

Product Review #1 - UK Only

This is a product review for my UK ladies!!. If you saw my post above, you'll see that I'm on the hunt for products without nasty chemicals and as part of that I'm going to be trying a bunch of them out, hopefully without becoming a PJ (product junkie). Here's my first review.

Product Type: Shampoo and conditioner
Product Name: Organic Care Natural Miracle Ultra Hydrating Dry Moist Shampoo and Conditioner
Where From: Superdrug
Price: 2.96 each (Buy One Get One Free)
Size: 400ml
What does it say: No sles, sls, als, ales. No parabens. No petrochemical cleansers (shampoo only). No mineral oil (conditioner only). Achieve salon results naturally. Organic Complex. Vitamin & Protein Boosted. Intensive Shine Illuminers. Ultra Hydrating. Smooth Glossy Finish
Scent/Smell: Woody and earthy. Not the perfumey smell I've been used to. Not bad though.
Rating: *
Comments: OMG! Where do I start? This pair almost made me cry. I was really excited when I saw them at the store because they were sulphate and paraben free and cheap. But I should have known that cheap isn't necessarily cheerful.
I used this pair to wash and conditioner my hair instead of my normal Hello Hydration co-wash and then I just continued with my normal hair regimen from there, so nothing else was different. I put my hair in Bantu Knots (my latest transitioning style - review coming soon) to wear all day Saturday and take them out on Sunday morning for church.
The knots were fine on Saturday, but on Sunday, my hair was dry and brittle and horrible. Honestly, I wanted to cry. Even my hubby noticed how dry it was. I was so grateful to God that nobody at church said anything. I couldn't wait to use my Hello Hydration co-wash this morning and hopefully get back to normal.
I'm not saying I wouldn't recommend it, I'm just saying my hair didn't like it at all!