01 May 2009

The pictures are finally here!!

I finally got the hang of the camera so I know how to download stuff to my PC now - yay! Here so pics from my Twist n Curl when I took out my crochet braids.

All the hair that broke off when I detangled the 1st time - I told you it was enough for a small mammal

Ok, so the breakage was major to say the least. I was so heart broken when i saw all that hair - MY HAIR! *sob sob* But the truth is that quite a lot of my length was damaged and would only have ended up falling out at some point anyway.

For picture number two, have a look at what my head looked like with the perm rods for the twist n curl all it in. This was actually just before I started to take them out. I'm dressed for church and ready to go, the only thing left was the hair. I know that it may look a little bit crazy but trust me and take a look at the next picture for how it came out.
I really liked the results and it really blends the new growth into the relaxed ends. I mean you can't really see the new growth as distinct from the relaxed ends in this picture. Once the week's truly over i.e. one more full day of work, I'll let you know how the styled fared during the week and if it was all totally worth it.
Till later, xxMwuahxx