22 May 2009

Twist n Curl Review

Transition Style: Twist n Curl

Approx 'Fixin' Time: 1 -2 hours

Approx 'Settin' Time: Overnight

Tools: Wet-damp detangled hair, Curling Wax, End Wraps, Perm Rods

This style blends the new growth with the relaxed ends like no other style I've seen. The results are always gorgeous spirals. The hair's always a little bit shiny (or has a sheen) because of the wax I think - so it looks really healthy (I got a lot of comments on this aspect).

Takes too long to 'fix'. 1 - 2 hours may not be long for some people but I'm a full-time working Wife and Mother, so my spare time is limited. Granted it may take this long because my hair's still short and I have to do more twists than if it were longer. Also it doesn't look as defined after a few days and can look a bit dry and dull (might have something to do with the wax though)

Rating: ****

Overall Comments:
I really love the way the TnC looks when it's done but I don't have the time and patience to do it every other day to keep it looking fresh. I'll always do it for a special ocassion though because the style is just too fly.