01 August 2009

Product Review #2 - NAKED Shine Conditioner

Okay yall so I'm still looking for products without any nasties so this is my 2nd product review. I've decided that I'm only going to try a new product every month, so I don't turned into a big ol' PJ!

I found the NAKED products thanks so to Sugarbabe01 on and this is my 1st review of one of the products of which I've used 3.

Product Type: Conditioner

Product Name: Naked Shine Hydrating Conditioner

Where From: Boots

Price: 3.91 each (Buy One Get One Free)

Size: 250ml

What does it say (on the www): To shine like a diamond, dry to normal hair needs to be smooth and moisturised - just perfect for fingers to run through....
Buttermilk is renowned for its amazing softening properties and Green Tea extract helps add sheen and elasticity to your hair cuticle. Topped up with Black Tea extract, this conditioner has a bit of a glossy reputation.

Scent/Smell: Very lovely scent, very light and not at all perfumey. Very nice smell.

Rating: *****

Comments: Every time I have co-washed with this, the results have been soooo fantastic that I have already recommended it to a few people. My hair came out sooo soft and and really moisturized. This is a UK Only product but if anyone State-side wants to try it out, I'll happily ship it to you - it's that good. This is definitely a keeper!!!