23 March 2010

Sleeping on PhytoSpecific?

Ok, so I'm sitting at my PC reading my email and I saw an email from and the subject was: "PhytoSpecific Celebrates 12 Years". I'm like, "I've seen this before at the beauty supply, I think". So I followed the link in the email and it said PhytoSpecific was "Targeted Care for Textured Care". I'm like "Really? I must have been sleeping on this stuff". (Btw, what's with the relaxed girl in the photo? Hey relaxed girls need healthy hair too)

I went to the product website it I have to say, it sounds great. The bit that really got me was
"The products contain no harsh detergents and are loaded with plant extracts such as shea butter, macadamia oil, kukui oil, wax of mimosa, jojoba oil and mango oil, as well as vitamins and amino acids".
I thought that I'd become a pro at reading ingredient labels and had read everyone at my local beauty supply, but I reckon that I must have been sleeping on this one.

Here's another good line from the article:
"PhytoSpecific has become a favorite of celebrity powerhouses such as Oprah, Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz. And it has become a favorite of a growing number of stylists who work with texture".
Next month, I plan to get a few products from the range and do a review on them for you guys (and me!!). I'd hate to miss a good natural hair care line that's not only targeted for textured hair but also available in the UK (hehehe). So keep an eye out for that next month.

Till next time,