23 March 2010

Switch it Up for Spring

Spring is finally here - Yay!!! You know when you begin to see tulips that the weather's a-changing.

Personally, I'm pleased with the warmer weather. It means that we can start putting away all those heavy coats, hats and scarves. I'm soooo pleased about that. The only downside to the Spring coming is the dreaded 'Spring Cleaning'. It means now the sun's shining everyone will be able to see the dirt that the winter shadows were hiding.

The same's true with our hair, I believe. The changing weather means it's time to re-evaluate our hair care and hair styles. In winter, you shouldn't be using glycerin rich products because they dry out the hair. This is because Glycerin attracts moisture to its own molecules, if there's less moisture in the air than in your hair, it'll suck the moisture right out of your hair to beef up it's own molecules. This makes Gylcerin my best friend in the warmer months because my hair's biggest bug-bear is DRYNESS!! So, now it's gotten a touch warmer, I've introduced glycerin back into my regimen.

I'm going to be doing some more reserch into other Spring-friendly natural hair products and will be looking at ways to switch up my regimen for Spring.

You all know I'm on the 90-day Twist challenge (update #1 coming soon) so won't be making the style switch just yet but Twist Outs will definitely be featuring big time, as will Flat Twist Outs, Braid Outs and maybe some Bantu Knot Outs. Lots of big hair is what I'm feeling this year for the Spring/Summer. will have to pick up a really good frizz buster - any suggestions?

How will you all be switching your regimens and styles up for Spring 2010? Bring on the sun baby!!

Till next time,